Dodge Charger ‘66

By Oscar | September 14, 2008 6:59 am |
Muscle Cars

The Dodge Charger was a muscle car produced by Dodge starting from 1966, while it first roadster-styled concept appeared on public in 1964. The 1966 to 1974 were based on Chrysler B platform, sometimes they were called as “B-body Chargers”.

Charger was presented to pubic right at the begging of the year - January 1st, 1966 - on te annual Rose Bowl Games. So, anyway, ‘66 Dodge Charger was a typical “muscle car” - rear wheels drive, powerful V8 engine, flowed round body, etc.

Dodge Charger ‘66 offered many features that were quite unique for Chrysler’s cars and muscle cars in general: “electric shaver” grille that used fully rotating headlights,  four individual bucket seats with a full length console from front to rear, door panels, courtesy lights etc. The most interesting interior feature was the instrument panel, which included four electroluminescent (not regular bulbs) dash pods housed the tachometer, speedometer, alternator, fuel and temperature gauges.

In 1966 there was four engines offered, all V8: the base-model 318 in³ (5.2 L) 2-barrel V8, the truck-sourced 361 in³ (5.9 L) 2-barrel, the 383 in³ (6.3 L) 4-barrel, and the new 426 Street Hemi. The last one was really a monster gear - 7.0 L volume and 425 horsepower. It seemed to powerful for the customers majority - the biggest amount of 1966 Chargers were ordered with the 325 hp (242 kW) 383.

Total production in 1966 came to 37,344 units, followed by ‘67 Charger in the next year, which had some changes like optional vynil roof, new engines, etc.

Ford Consul Capri

By Oscar | August 30, 2008 8:33 am |

Ford Consul Capri

I would like to dedicate my first post in this blog to this very interesting English car - Ford Consul Capri.

Consul Capri was introduced to English public in year 1961. It was proclaimed as the “first personal car from Ford of Great Britain” - basically Consul Capri is a 2-doors coupe version of of the Ford Classic saloon, the first British Ford model. It was designed by Roy Brown, the designer of notorious Edsel model. During the construction and designing, Consul Capri had an internal name “Sunbird”, which meant that it is some kind of hybrid of Ford Thunderbird and the Sunliner.

The vehicle was quit unusual for that time because of such features like disc brakes, four headlights, variable speed wipers, dimming dashboard lights, and a cigar lighter. Consul Capri was equipped with 1340 cc Straight-4 ohv engine, which was replaced in August 1962 by its enhanced variant with 1498 cc.

The first 200 Capris were hand-made left-hand-drive cars for continental Europe. During all the lifetime only 500 cars were sold. Their production was to expensive and retail price was rather high too. Ford Consul Capri was discontinued in July 1964 - after 2,5 years of production only.

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